Pachchaperumal ෴ පච්චපපෙරැමාල්

Pachchaperumal is a very popular medium-grain red rice variety traditionally cultivated in Sri Lanka.The plant develops to a maximum height of 120cm. This crop can be harvested within 3½ months from seeding. At the stage of ripening the plant stem becomes light bluish in color. The potential yield is about 70 to 80 bushels per acre. The plant is highly susceptible to insect attack. Pachchaperumal is currently cultivated all parts of the country.Traditionally it is known to be used in treating diabetes. Value of this treatment is corroborated through scientific evidence. It is also commonly believed that consuming this rice helps cool the body and is beneficial for the treatment of wounds. Further, it is a rich source of proteins, and naturally occurring antioxidants. Consumption with the bran is important in obtaining such valuable nutritional and medicinal properties.

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