Collection: Safari from Yala

Having a protected land area of nearly 130,000 hectares, the Yala National Park is an amalgamation of light forests, grasslands, scrubs, tanks and lagoons. The park has been divided into five blocks while only two are presently opened to the general public. Bordering the Indian Ocean, the Yala National Park is best known for its variety of Sri Lankan wildlife while it is indeed an important conservation area for Sri Lankan leopards, Sri Lankan elephants and various aquatic birds. We at Lakpura have come up with a number of travel options for you while they include a private safari to the park or a leopard watching safari at Yala. The majestic elephants are always roaming around while if you want to visit another park with elephants while in Yala, we can arrange the Udawalawe National Park which about 100km away.

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