Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the three not so little words alone make the website owners panic for the simple reason, most of the time the subject wasn’t brought to the due attention of the client by the web designers and web developers in the beginning. To hammer the nail on the head, Search Engine Optimization begins with the web designing phase itself.

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Everybody wants a website developed. In this era, no business stands an opportunity to survive without a website. It is our business to design, develop, host, maintain your website and assist you in your on-line business plan.

But then once a website is designed, developed and hosted into the World Wide Web, how does the world know of the existence of your website? With the exception of a few who happened to bump onto your website and few of those to whom you intimated your domain URL, the world would go unaware of your website, unless your business has already earned a brand name. Coca Cola has been in existence since 1944, i.e. prior to the advent of worldwide web in 1989. By the time www saw the light of the day, Coca cola was already a decades old brand name. It has been one of the most famous brand names. As such the world could search and locate information on Coca cola simply by typing the brand name into the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN (now Bing), AOL, Ask Jeeves (now Ask) etc.

Now since your product hasn’t reached an iota of such popularity, how would the world discover your website? It could be by way of a pot shot of typing words related to your business. The regular means is by typing the URL you have given to your clients, relations and friends. Oh! Our world is small. How do you reach the great world? How do you make the great world visit your website? It is simply not possible to pass your URL to all of your prospective clients since you aren’t aware who and where they are. The answer is Search Engine Optimization.

SEO reveals your website to the world. SEO brings in more inbound traffic to your website which translates into more clients and more business. A website set up with SEO could easily lay the foundation for complete on-line business plan. That is the importance of SEO.

Keywords Take Over the World of Search Engine Optimization

Now if your website could be found by a pot shot of a word typed into the search engine by some nobody in some corner of the world, can we bring in techniques into the pot shot to convert it into a calculated shot of a sharp shooter? Can we make your website found by everybody in all four corners of the world? Very tempting isn’t it? Yes, the channel of the techniques is Search Engine Optimisation. SEO transforms the pot shot of Mad Max of The World in Wilderness into the sling shot of David of the Holy Land. We will target the Goliath of World Wide Web and we will win. We will put your website into the cross hairs of the search engines. SEO is the sharp shooter, the marksman. We are the trigger. You will be trigger happy sans Sniper rifle.

Imagine, your brand new product for sale is a beverage branded “Ceylon Wood Apple Juice” Your beverage is already branded with logo, slogan and what not., but not marketed on-line. Now when you search to engage in on-line marketing, your brand has to be taken to the world, for the simple reason, the big world wouldn’t come to you.

The consumers search the beverages by simply typing the word “beverages” (here lands the key words) into the search bar of the search engines. Google turn up with 28,800,000 (year 2010) search results. Now unless those who search for beverages see your website in the top of the results, i.e. at least within the first 3 pages, you are unlikely to succeed in marketing your products on-line without paid on-line advertising. You might consider off-line marketing. Now since, you are keen on marketing your product on the web, instead of targeting the generic single word “beverages” that bring about colossal volume of results (28, 800,000), you are advised to target SEO for a specific category of beverages.

Wood Apple is grown in the beautiful tropical Indian Ocean island of Sri Lanka, known Ceylon during the colonial era. If your product of Wood Apple Beverage could be categorised, the safest option could be “Tropical Beverages”. Google turn up 1,720,000 websites (2010). Perhaps we could locate a better key word in “Natural Beverages” since today the trend in the modern world is for natural beverages. Google search turn up 7,350,000 results (we call the competitiveness of the key word) for the key word “Natural Beverages”.

Let’s say your company is named Ceylon Beverages Ltd. Home page of your website will have to be search engine optimised for the keywords “Natural Beverages” since your brand “Ceylon Beverages” hasn’t yet arrived at the genuine on-line brand name status. And each inner page needs to be optimised for each products of Ceylon Beverages Ltd. Your products “Ceylon Pine Apple Crush” and “Ceylon Mango Syrup” etc. need to be promoted with Search Engine Optimisation for suitable keywords, possibly “Pine Apple Juice” and “Mango Juice.”

Fine Tuning Keword with Professional SEO Tools based in web is Indispensable

Search for key words can be fine-tuned with professional subscriber on-line seo tools available in the web. We will be going through a host of keywords mined by these tools and even completely discard the keywords found with Google search results (competitiveness). The data given by the tools surface competitiveness in the backdrop of focused search for the precise keywords: searches are filtered to exclude irrelevant websites drawn into the Google competitiveness results.

For example, if you search further into the keyword “Beverages”, it become clear “Topical Beverages” isn’t a competitive keyword: focused monthly searches are negligible. The SEO tools reveal that “Fruit Drinks” is a much better key word. The details of the discovery cannot be elaborated within summarised article on SEO. Now, we might have to pick new key words to promote your website: home page for “Fruit Drinks” and each inner page for a single product: “Mango Drinks”, “Pine Apple Drinks” etc. There goes the key words string. All websites need to be Search Engine Optimised for a string of key words.

Our experts of Search Engine optimisation spend a considerable time sweating no small beer in search of Key words String. A wrong string of Key words could end up causing a disaster to your marketing strategies. Now we reach the area better left to our experts of Search Engine Optimisation.

Website Designing ought to be done with an eye for Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines are the gods of the web. As at today and for the foreseeable future to come, Google is the almighty god of the web. All small and big gods favor your web site if it’s well designed. That’s not all. The text content of the website is the king. Higher the volume of content, the more powerful the king. The gods admire powerful kings above everything. As such we design your website with the gods in mind and let the King take the vanguard.

Every web site needs to have a customised web design to suit the nature of the business, so is yours. But then it would be a great folly to lobar under the delusion that web design is all about graphics and multi-media.

Even if yours is a world renowned brand name, unless your website is designed with an eye for Search Engine Optimisation, websites of imitators promoting a product similar to yours or impersonators promoting your branded product itself with ulterior motives, could emerge high in the rankings (higher levels of search) leaving your website lagging behind. The lay out of the website plays an important part in the Search Engine Optimisation. In view of the SEO, there are numerous factors that are necessary to be taken into account while designing a website.

We never fail to give due credit to vital factors while designing our SEO friendly websites.

Our SEO friendly Layouts are designed to make content area containing keywords appear first and foremost.

Our designs achieve uncluttered source codes so that the search engine spider bots would be made free to crawl the website swiftly resulting in all pages being indexed. You may view the code by clicking “view” of the browser and then choosing page source in the drop down menu. We assign a suitable location of prominence for the menu in the order of the code in the source of the website, in the event of menu containing certain key words. We minimise application of too many Heavy Graphics and refrain from embedding valuable text in the graphics. We minimise the scope of Frames. In spite of the claim by the search engines that frames are navigable, the existence of frames seems to hinder the chances of your website getting higher ranks. Our designing also aim for swift loading of the website since Google has made page load time a factor in SEO.

You may have noted Flash installed websites. Some of these websites are unable to present text content to the visitors of the website as well as to the search engines. We design our websites in such a way, whenever Flash is utilised, its application is minimised so that the text content would take the precedence.

Website Development ought to be done with Search Engine Optimisation in Mind

For every customised website, the technology need to be selected carefully with an eye for SEO. Among the web technologies utilised for development are PHP, ASP, MySQL, SQL Server 2000, and HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript and much more. We select the ideal technologies for your website so that a business plan could be launched in due time.

Back links created during Search Engine Optimisation brings in the necessary recognition to your website
Now we have your website well designed and endowed with high volume of content with an eye for SEO and then again key word optimised. Everything is in ship-shape and fine fettle. But then again your website mustn’t stand alone in the web.

No matter the value of the content, uniqueness of the content of your website, it would be caught in the Big Chill of World Wide Web without inbound links from other websites. Search Engines consider inbound links, generally called back links as votes on your website. Reciprocal links (mutual links) and links made by means of comments and replies to blog articles, forum articles; links purchased from vendors; links procured from low ranked website directories are now devalued by the Search Engines. The most important inbound links (back links) are one way links from authority websites. Herein we enter the field better left to our SEO experts.

Beware of SEO Guarantees

A fake SEO Company might proclaim that their website appears No. 1 in the first page of Google for the keyword “SEO COMPANY” and advise you that they could make your website too appear in the no 1 page of Google for a suitable key word for your web site.

First of all SEO COMPANY isn’t a competitive keyword as such it wouldn’t cause hurdles to rank highly for that co called key word. The most competitive key words are SEO and Search Engine Optimisation and SEO Company is nowhere near those. SEO COMPANY is a fake key word.

Now you may wonder if fake SEO experts could dupe you with a fake key word. Yes, they can do it. But the genuine SEO experts do not engage in such deceptive tactics. As you are aware, the genuine professionals retain their professional integrity at any cost.

Secondly some of the fake SEO experts would get you first page listing by means of Google Ad words for paid search, which isn’t Search Engine Optimisation at all. Genuine SEO techniques have no room for paid Ad words.

Beware of Black Hat Tactics in SEO

Cloaking (excessive keyword text hidden in the background of pages) and Door way websites (mini websites of couple of pages with no content of value but keyword stuffed nonsense text) are the main Black Hat tactics being used by the fake SEO experts. These tactics are illegal. Once these tactics are found out by the search engines, the errant website is demoted or completely lost in the rankings of search engines and especially in Google. Of course you may have your tactics withdrawn, website straightened out, apologise and apprise Google of the current status and submit your website for reconsideration in proper channels known only to the SEO experts. But then the there is no guarantee your website would attain high ranking in Google once again. Beware of fake SEO experts.